Your Business Needs a Mobile App, or Does It?

A mobile app can be a significant way to keep consumers engaged with the company brand. Nearly every company can benefit from mobile apps as an integral component of their business, irrespective of their industry or size. Mobile applications are offered to consumers for a variety of reasons, including as a promotional tool, to generate company sales, or to highlight services and products.

Many individuals use their smart phone or tablet devices as a way to consume information. Mobile apps offer the consumer valuable solutions including obtaining news, connecting to social networks, shopping, gaming and banking. Companies that invest in a solid mobile application are often able to enhance the company brand and develop a stronger consumer base for their business.

Consumer Engagement

Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets have changed consumer expectations when accessing information or solving a problem. Mobile applications allow businesses to engage with existing and potential customers by location in real time. If the app is developed correctly, it can often convert engaged consumers into revenue-generating customers. Applications designed with social sharing capabilities allow customers to interact with the business and other like-minded consumers.

Optimizing Customer ServiceAffordable Mobile Apps

Companies often develop mobile apps as a way to enhance their targeted audience’s customer service experience. A well-designed and well-equipped application allows consumers to gather more information about the products and services the company provides. In addition, the application can provide much-needed answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions).

As an effective time-saver, a customer service-related application can instantly reduce the amount of calls the company gets while improving productivity. Applications focusing on customer service can provide every consumer the ability to submit a service request, chat with the service representative and/or watch product tutorials.

Promotional Tool

Mobile applications offer effective solutions for promoting services and products, while increasing traffic, sales and profits. Designed applications that use GPS technology can locate the consumer and offer special discounts and coupons within a specified radius of a company retail location.

On average, smart phone users check their mobile devices well over 100 times every day. In addition, four out of five smart phone owners use mobile technology to make purchasing decisions before actually buying a product or service.

A crucial aspect of creating, developing and maintaining a successful mobile application will vary between goals and businesses. However, the most successful apps are those that make the consumer’s life easier, more fun and more affordable. This often includes making regular tasks simpler for the consumer, providing valuable content and/or offering discounted deals using an excitingly interactive application that is fun and easy to use.